Angela Ahola – Doctor of Psychology and speaker

Why is it so that some people are perceived as more trustworthy than others? How are competence and goodwill conveyed? How can you gain more influence and what makes others like us based on their first impression? Also, what is it that makes us choose one product in favor of another, feel confident with one organization and not another? These are some of the exciting themes in which Angela lectures.


How others perceive us will determine if they at all will listen to us.


Would you buy yourself?

How do we react to different kinds of impressions? Today we understand human psychology and human behavior. We also have, to a certain extent, started to use this knowledge. But the most successful corporations embrace this science.

During the first few seconds others will have made up their mind about you. What is it that determine whether others will want to cooperate with you, hire you or buy from you. What makes us like and trust a person, choose one product and not another, or feel confident with one organization?

Angela, doctor of psychology, specializes in the psychology of perception – the psychology of first impressions. She delivers a high energy and humorous speech combing social psychology, cognitive neuroscience, with the communication trends of today, social media behavior, and advertising research.

It’s time to develop a future organization. Lets take the first step.

Angela’s background

Angela has a doctoral degree in psychology and specializes in first impressions, what gives us influence, communication trends, stereotypes, judicial evaluations and nonverbal communication. She has trained leaders in the corporate world as well as academics within the Department of Psychology and officers of the Stockholm Police Academy.

Angela has authored a number of academic publications based on her research, and is often cited in the press / TV. Moreover, she herself is a business owner with a number of years with extensive experience of sales and marketing.

About Angela in SWEDISH

  • Angela Ahola is a talented speaker with extensive knowledge of her popular topics. She has much to give both leaders and all staff groups. The police force, courts and healthcare are perfect audiences for her knowledge, but many more groups do benefit from learning more from her. Angela teaches about her research in a pedagogical, engaging and humorous way.

    Christina Mace, Mace Speakers, Founder & CEO
  • After founding Tramconet Ky I worked with Angela on some projects and took part in quite of few seminaries and meetings held by her. I was impressed with the way she made speeches and by her lectures. I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a speaker. Angela has also visited Finnish Police TV as a convincing expert.

    Raimo Auvinen, Board Member at Suomen Yhteisöpalvelu ry
  • I have had the privilege to listen to Angela on numerous occations over several years. She is a very professional and engaging speaker. With a great deal of humor she conveys her ideas that. I can wholeheartedly recommend Angela as a speaker.

    Pirjo Kallio, Country Manager at Presenta of Scandinavia AB