First impressions

During the first few seconds others will have made up their mind about you. What is it that determines if others will want to cooperate with you, hire you or buy from you? What makes us like and trust a person, or a company?


She’s a doctor

Angela Ahola is a doctor of psychology and specializes in the psychology of perception – first impressions. She delivers a high energy and humorous speech combing social psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Click here to watch a short trailer of Angelas speech.

Angela on tv

Angela’s research has led to academic publications as well as numerous TV appearances. Some of Angelas clients are Grant Thornton, Manpower Group, Michelin, NCC, Nordea, SIDA, Swedbank: ”A very inspiring speaker. The whole lecture was delivered top-notch”.

Angela Ahola – Doctor of Psychology and speaker.

milliseconds to make a first impression
Ways to convey trust
Ways to increase your influence
Of Angelas lectures is what it takes to increase your success


With everything becoming more and more similar, relationships are the key to success in the business world. Every relationship begins with a first impression. Whether it’s done face to face or over the internet.


Why is it so that some people are perceived as more trustworthy than others? How are competence and goodwill conveyed? Book Angela to come and speak to you and your colleagues.

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  • An excellent speaker with professional slides, just the right pace, brief, and fun.

    Göran Bryntse, Board member for European Renewable Energy Federation, EREF
  •  Angela Ahola spoke on our customer event for an audience of high level HR-professionals. Angela held an entertaining speach, engaging and interesting. She got excellent feedback in our survey afterwards. Angela was very easy to work with and I recommend her as a speaker 

    Hélène Belin, ManpowerGroup
  • Angela showed great commitment and knowledge at our seminar. She was also fun to listen to. Mace Speakers looks forward to working with her in the future.

    Christian Mace, Owner / Sales & Marketing Director at Mace Speakers